Stewart, you are such a disastery that sometimes you don't even know if it's a weekday or the weekend. Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics. While he doesn't remember anything, Lily warns a distraught Devon to keep quiet unless he is sure. Though Devon definitely needs help, he wants to keep everyone at arms length because he wants to deal with the situation on his own.

Devon emerges as the group's de facto second-in-command. While he would miss Devon and Hilary's relationship, Bryton looked forward to whatever the producers had in store for Devon next. McMurray approached him to enlist his help in making a video to support McMurray's campaign for Ag Hall president.

His philanthropic vision is to grow a community of millions of singles who feel fulfilled in their lives and valued in society. Devon then serves Hilary with divorce papers and after Neil rejects her, Hilary suddenly changes her mind about loving Devon but he is hesitant to believe her. He advocates for fairer treatment for singles on important issues, like health care provisions and tax codes, and speaks in defense of this overlooked segment of the population.

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He also was a member of the Howard Wildcats basketball and track and field teams. When Cane begs Devon not to press charges, Devon remembers that Cane was at Lily's side whenever she set out to cause trouble for Hilary. Devon's forbidden love affair with Hilary would mark the character's first major love story and would also solidify the character as a viable romantic lead.

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James admitted that he was not really in favor of introducing a new character as Devon's father. James revealed that Devon's most recent surgery to restore his hearing was actually inspired by real life advances in cochlear implants. Devon has also been arrested for small crimes such as shop lifting and breaking curfew. In May the writers introduced Devon's great-aunt, Virginia Della Reese who reveals several family secrets, including that Tyra is not biologically or legally related to the Hamiltons.

He has seen singles wander aimlessly from bad date to bad date and offered solutions to set them on the right path. Chancellor Winters Barber. Drucilla Winters Victoria Rowell sympathizes with Devon because she too was a product of the foster care system.

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Devon struggles a lot more with then he lets on. However, the producers were forced to tell James that he could not take time off because Devon would be involved in a major storyline. Hilary also fights for a seat on the board of the foundation and Devon convinces Neil not to hire her fearing the trouble she could cause. In the business aspect they want guys to solely focus on football, which is understandable. Weather Met Office forecasts heat wave for Devon next week.

For Devon, the first six weeks of dating someone are critical. He said he believes daters will demand more authenticity from one another as they burn out on online dating and grow frustrated with superficial texting. She's been in the dating industry for more than six years, and her work has appeared in numerous publications, including Bustle, Cosmo, the Huffington Post, AskMen, and Entrepreneur. The Relationship Coach is currently working on a book, which is in the editing stages, and has plans to launch a new brand to raise his visibility in the dating world.

Devon Kerns relies on a talented team to build resources for singles and spread his vision for a more interconnected singles community. Bryton James has received critical acclaim for his portrayal of Devon throughout the years. Jimmy V Perseverance Award winners. While most people would allow money to change them, James believed that nothing could ever make Devon turn away from Neil.

Devon has filled his calendar with speaking engagements at conferences and workshops for spiritual individuals. When the victims of the fail drug protocol announce plans to sue, Hilary convinces Devon to settle with them to avoid escalated scandal. Devon News Passengers evacuated after train hits cow causing long delays.

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However, the plot twist would only bring him closer to his adoptive father, Neil. However, police advice Devon was soon integrated into the canvas. Devon will be traveling for the next year as a professional public speaker and presenter.

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The Relationship Coach plans to spend the next year traveling from city to city delivering thoughtful insights about dating, love, and relationships. He puts his heart and his passion on the line as a celebrated relationship coach. As a member of the practice squad, does what Still did not have to travel with the team on road trips.

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  1. By applying his emotional intelligence, Devon Kerns is revolutionizing the discourse on what it means to be single.
  2. In his workshop, he dissects and challenges the emotional scales of men and women in an accessible and enlightening way.
  3. He lashes out when he discovers Lily caused the accident after she ran a red light during an argument with Hilary.
  4. The scenes for my audition were heavy drama so I had a sense of what I would be in for.
  5. Actress Victoria Rowell who portrayed Devon's adoptive mother Drucilla, had pitched the storyline to co-head writer John F.

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Others were completely dumbfounded by the twist and said it didn't make any sense. Deanna Barnert concluded that Devon would be the biggest winner considering he would be Katherine's only blood relative still on the canvas at the time of Katherine's death. After Lily exposes that Hilary tricked Devon into rehiring her, the couples decides to start over and keep honesty first. Because Hilary refuses to leave Neil until he recovers, Devon and Hilary give in to temptation and begin an affair. Devon is devastated when Hilary announces that she faked her love for Devon to avenge her mother's death.

Devon agrees to be Hilary's sperm donor and draws up a co-parenting contract. During a charity gala, Mariah reveals that Hilary sabotaged her on-air and Devon leaves her and gets into a car accident. When Devon starts college, he refuses the recommended immunization shots for the infection.

Though Devon isn't moved by Cane's testimony, Shauna asking the judge not to punish Lily has a drastic effect on him. Cane neutralizes Colin and Devon gives the money directly to Jill and makes her promise to cut Colin out of the company. Ana convinces Devon to forgive Yolanda, and try and connect with his new family. At his bachelor party, Devon presumably gets drunk and cheats on Hilary with a prostitute.

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The confusion and heartache out there is immense. He assembles a cast of mixed ethnicities and directs them to act in stereotypical ways. Devon offers her a record contract, but Angelina instead goes to California and Devon closes down his label and joins the marketing team at Jabot Cosmetics. Bryton's accurate depiction of a cochlear implant C. It means a lot to be able to still have a certain amount of independence and to be able to get around.

Daytime Confidential Podcast. We are here to win this city a Super Bowl and right now I am not in a position where I can give football percent of everything I have. Then, in his career in leadership development, he found himself working with a mostly female sales team in a health organization. He has spent most of his career teaching people to find joy in their lives and make the most of their relationships, dating place and he will continue to do so for many years to come. Devon rescues Neil from Neville's blackmail attempt by investing in Neville's medical research and Devon puts Neil in charge.

His understanding of the psychology of being single offers businesses the tools to motivate customers and employees more effectively. He was more rebellious and emotionally aware than his peers and had a talent for connecting with people on the street and in his classes. Devon wants to wait for Neil to adjust to the news that his condition isn't treatable, only for Neil to confront them when they are on a plane trip to Chicago looking for office space for Chancellor.

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