Any info this community may have would be greatly appreciated. These jars take their name from John Landis Mason. It is fairly common, and is of interest to me because it is identical in many respects to the jar found on the island of Nikumororo by the International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery. Patrick, if you wish, you can email me a pic of the jar and of the base to my email address which is listed on the bottom right hand corner of any page on this site. Please see my brief paragraph in this article on those jars.

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Maryanne, matchmaking tf2 the jar is one of the many produced by and for Hero Fruit Jar Company. The effect is caused by leaching of elements soda in the glass. They help you grip the jar.

Mason jars were used in home canning to preserve food. Some of these words were used for many years, but the style often changed every couple years. Perhaps someone can shed more light on this question. Some examples also have identifying initials on the base or reverse, or a monogram on the front or back, which can serve to identify what company made them. The glass as said before is Aqua and very thick with some bubbles and raised flaws on the inside.

Would you please have any insight to share concerning this? Each jar does have the seam that runs the full length of the jar indicating they were manufactured in a mold. Hazel-Atlas made huge quantities of jars and many of them carry a catalog number. Anyone who tells you a certain bottle is worth a definite, specific amount of money is either honestly misinformed or a liar. It could be Co, kundli matchmaking by name but most definitely looks like a tiny uppercase A.

Do you know anything about this jar? The only other thing is that there are bubbles in the glass. More modern made jars are a rounded square shape. Diamond-I mark on bottom of amber bottle made by Illinois Glass Company. Any info would be appreciated, thank you.

Group of Bixby shoe dressing bottles. Could someone help me to better understand what I have inherited? Those and many things in your article helped me. The surface of the glass is smooth and slick with a somewhat lighter-weight construction than authentic older jars.

She writes that the clear version jars date from circa to the s. Not counting all the newer repros. Hi Erin, That is one of the modern reproductions. Varying the exact wording as Co. Some people collect these because they believe they are scarce.

Click here to see my page on Artificially Purpled Glass. This is one of the earliest logos used by Ball, girlfriend ex back when the company was known as the Ball Brothers Glass Manufacturing Company. Is it old or reproduction. It does have the rough feeling top I do not have a lid but it has the bubbles and blemishes in the glass.

Center bump looks worn from closing bracket? Here is our technical report on the artifact jar. Glass Manufacturing Company made most of the very latest machine-made types. Depending on how you are holding it, it looks like there is a curved line coming from the dot on the bottom right corner of the square of dots going across to the left and then down. Do you happen to have any information, other than it was made in ohio.

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As far as I know, no repros have been made of the Whitney Mason-type fruit jars. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. How do you determine prices with blemishes and does it make a difference in price if the numbers on bottom are roman numerals or regular number. As time went on, however, they did start marking more of their pattern tableware made in the s and s.

Thank you for your interest, understanding and support! There is no date or any other marks on the front of the jar. Many people have saved them and used them to store accumulations of coins or other items. Sometimes I use them for dry oven canning.

Did this summary help you? Cookies make wikiHow better. See if your jar is an off-size. Contrary to a popular misconception, these jars were not made in wooden molds, but in metal molds, usually made of cast iron or steel.

MASON S PATENT NOV 30TH 1858 Fruit Jars Summary

  1. Any info would be helpful!
  2. If anyone has any information I would be grateful.
  3. In the middle of the metal lid, there is a ceramic oval drawing of a man playing a guitar with a woman listening.
  4. This artifact jar was thought to belong to Amelia Earhart.
  5. That was typical of the older jars of this type.
  6. Is this a usual variant as the wife collects a few of them but this is the only one of this type that I have ever seen.

Some jars may be blank on the bottom. Hudson holds a bachelor's degree in journalism. Click here to go to my Home Page. However, the glass has distinct bubbles within the jar and even in the ridges on the lip. Some glass bottles and insulators are so full of bubbles the effect is amazing.

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Hi Andrew, I will answer via your second post yes, they both went through. If anything, dating in atlanta they never detract from its value! Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Ignore the mold number on the jar. These are also recently-made imports from Asia. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Because the jars were made in Buffalo, New York, these are called Buffalo jars today.

Hazel-Atlas Glass CompanyGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Jars may be standard or wide mouthed and were once made in a variety of colors, although modern mason jars are manufactured using clear glass. Does having seams on your ball Mason jars make a difference in value. Of course, the older ones are in aqua or bluish-green, the more recent lids are in clear glass probably dating after the mid or late s.

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The Port plant at Belleville was purchased by Ball Brothers Glass Company in who continued to operate it until when it was closed. It is also ribbed and goes in a bit in the middle to make it easier to grip maybe. The lid has a circular handle and is the same color red.

How to Date a Ball Jar
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Some patterns were also made in cobalt blue and, in a few cases, amethyst. American National Can Company mark. While this might be a factory second, would it have any additional sale value?

How to Identify an Antique Pepsi Bottle. Hi, I have two Mason Standard antique quart jars. The Value of an Antique Ball Jar. Ball created a number of colored mason jars over the years, and while the most common is blue, there were also jars produced in other colors as well, such as green and yellow.

This product actually worked, although it was toxic, as mercury inhibits melanin formation in the skin. Just wondering if you could tell by that marking what date it was made. Do you know what the lids for these jars would have looked like?

Mason s Patent Nov 30th fruit jarsGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

How to Date Atlas Jars

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